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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Destiny Ch3: Cottage by the sea

            Zeth came into the cottage by the sea with the two mismatched bags and looked around for Zuzu. He imagined she would want her things in one of the bedrooms so he headed that way. The larger of the two would suit her well, he thought, the other for the baby…whenever she got here.
            He idly wondered how far along Zuzu was and when the baby was due when she burst out of the bathroom on the left and nearly ran into him.
            “Sorry,” she said, smiling so brightly it was infectious. “That is the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen. And there’s towels already in there. Do I get to use them?”
            He smiled at her enthusiasm and nodded. “Everything here is for your use. The linen closet is fully stocked and there is a washer and dryer next to the pantry.”

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Destiny: Ch2 Slow it down

          Zeth realized too late he had to slow it down. Not that he wanted to, but really, he knew nothing about Zuzu and yet here he was kissing her after knowing her less than an hour, taking her home with him and even imagining her unborn child calling him Daddy.
          “Get a grip!” his inner voice shouted.
          Zeth knew he should heed this voice. He had ignored it before, many times and the last time…well, let’s just say, he so wished now that he had listened then.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Destiny: ch1 Ship at Sea

She stood immobile at the railing staring out to sea, her flowing gown of Spanish lace waving about her, violently mimicking the white caps across the sound. Her blood-red cape flapped noisily around her and her long dark hair streamed behind, pulled unmercifully by the fierce zephyr. The ship’s progress was slow as it pushed on through the rough waters. Would it even make it to shore or would they all be dashed upon the rocks? Would they be killed instantly or thrown into the chilling water to die in numbing abyss? 

Though the stormy sea made the ship toss about like a cork, she stood as sure-footed as a weathered sea captain, as resolutely unmoving as a statue and as tragic as a heroine, devoted and faithful, waiting in vain for a sign of her lover’s return, the man who would never come back to her. The sea had surely swallowed him up and refused to release him.