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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faking it

“Sometimes I think it must be hard being an actor faking it all the time, and then I see a movie like this,” Aiden said, shaking his head. They left the cinema and he grabbed Donilee’s hand pulling her through the crowd. She had to take two and a half steps to his one, but she managed to keep up with him as he led the way to his car in the far reaches of the parking lot. He always parked in the boondocks in the hope no one would hit his new car.

She laughed and breathlessly commented, “It wasn’t exactly Academy Award material, you know. That makes a difference.”

“Come on, Donilee, anybody could have played that role, even me. He was just a plain ordinary guy, doing plain ordinary things in a plain ordinary way. You call that acting?” he said derisively.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Another Scarface

Rosalinda shook with fear. Carlos, her beloved Carlos, was just another Scarface. 

He had done a miraculous job keeping her totally out of the loop. In truth, she never much paid attention to anything, not as long as he kept her supplied with Louis Vuitton,  seaside mansions, luxury yachts, fast cars, stylish clothing and jewels, oh, so many jewels. But now she knew from whence this extraordinary lifestyle came, and she couldn’t bring herself to continue enjoying this life to which she had grown so accustomed. All gotten with blood money.

It was most definitely blood money. All derived from dealings with the vilest of the vile. She knew now, entirely by accident, but she knew about the drugs and guns and Lord knows what else. Worse, she knew with whom Carlos primarily dealt. There lay the problem. It had been fine when she knew none of this, but now.... not so fine.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


The heat of the sun assailed him like a house aflame, but he smiled.

“I love summertime!” he shouted.

“We do, too!” two passing girls called back.

He grinned and continued watching the scantily clad girls walk away. Any other time of the year his leering would earn him a badge of opprobrium, but not in summer. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flash fiction: A Winter’s afternoon

“Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all,” Anise muttered as she looked out the window. She could see nothing but white. Snow was falling fast and furious this lonely winter’s afternoon.  Already three inches had fallen in as many hours and they were saying the storm wouldn’t be entirely over until sometime tomorrow night. They were talking feet of snow now, not inches.

“What the heck was I thinking?” she said aloud. “I could have waited until spring to run off. I’m so stupid!”