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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be the Teddy Bear

“So, how was the tennis lesson?” Michael asked, a smirk on his face. He raised the glass of iced tea to his lips and watched Gina narrow her eyes over the rim. Oh, how he loved getting her all riled up. Now, if he could do that in her boudoir he’d be all set.

“I should smack you upside the head for setting me up with that fruitcake,” she shouted.

“Didn’t he fix your backhand?”

She glowered and put down her empty glass making the ice clink within it. “Be the ball, he told me. Be the ball! Who says that except for new age gurus?” she said, exasperated.  “I wanted to be the racket just to beat him with it.”

Michael spit out his iced tea in a fit of laughter. “I was hoping you would. I thought you’d have fun doing it,” he said. “You need some fun, Babe.”

“Don’t do me any favors, Michael, or I might just kill you and save myself trouble.”

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Do Brothers Know Anyway?

“Zach asked you to the prom?” Paul shouted, his spoon suspended midway to his mouth.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” Annie asked anxiously and slightly hurt. Was it so unbelievable that Zach might like her enough to take her to the prom? Yeah, he was cool. Okay, he was captain of the football team. All right he was a senior and she a lowly freshman. Yes, he was everybody’s dream guy. But still, Annie thought, she wasn’t that bad.

“No, it’s not a… problem,” her brother said slowly. “It’s just, well, I’ve never liked to share my toys. Zach’s been my best friend since we were babies.”

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Kiss by Carolina Chapman

The Kiss, a poem by Carolina Chapman

She kisses him goodbye as her heart softly whispers
Please, oh please look into my heart
I need a solution, an answer not an ending
Their lips touch as he holds her close

Please don't say goodbye my Angel
Stay in my arms forever; that's where you belong
His heart silently breaks as his dreams crumble
How could this happen? We are meant to be

Be my friend she says,
please be mine! He pleads

Silently, she cries as the words she longs to speak
Refuse to be spoken

Kiss me my love, listen to my heart
I Love you, I want you, I want us,
These feelings, I don’t understand, I’m scared

Their lips part, Causing his heart to harden and break

As he drives away, he promises
“I will never forget my Angel or my love for her”
He leaves hardened and empty as his heart and his love
will forever belong to her

They each longed for a future together, yet
Her fears, turned the beginning into a goodbye.

Her heart fills with tears as it weeps, come back my love
Hear the words my lips are afraid to speak

Both cling to the hope that someday, somehow they will be together again.

Carolina Chapman is a charming, sweet, lovable lady who claims to have been in a writing slump and this poem was her first attempt after a long hiatus from writing. Well, I do believe she's now quite out of said slump, don't you think? You can find her other writings on topics as diverse as health and fitness, beauty and style, Relationships, religion, home and garden, and personal finances at Helium.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It Can Always Be Worse, part 2

Diane was supposed to start her new job on this Thursday morning, but she awoke puking her guts out, sneezing her head off and with a fever that left her soaked in sweat and then alternately shivering from chills which wracked her body. 

She was not going to work, that was obvious, but she also wondered if she would survive at all. It was the worst bout of flu she ever had and when she spoke to the person at the temp agency and told them she was ill the woman's response was as nasty as could be. 

 "If this is the type of service we can expect from you, don't bother calling us anymore. We need serious people who are willing to work despite a little cold."

Diane was about to cry, but her stomach lurched again and she just didn't have the energy after that, even for tears.