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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Divorce Ruined

“I want a divorce, Mitch,” she said casually, in between licks of her double chocolate ice cream cone.

“Sorry, Marisa, we can’t afford one,” he replied in an equally casual tone as he also enjoyed his ice cream cone, this one of mint chocolate.

They were sitting on a bench in the middle of an extremely busy, loud and raucous mall waiting for their kids to come out of the cinema where they were enjoying the latest Harry Potter movie. Mitch had his arm around Marisa’s shoulders and she had her head resting on his. They switched cones midway.

“Well, how much does a divorce cost?” she asked, taking a lick of the mint chocolate.

“The divorce itself not much I’m thinking, if you only count the lawyer fees and if it’s an amiable one.”

“Are there ever amiable ones?” she asked.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

When Dreams Turn Real, ch1

Dani gingerly rolled over and groaned. The ever-present pain was merely a dull ache today. She should be grateful. For the past three months it had been far worse, a searing agony which brought tears to her eyes with every move. But now she was finally out of the hospital and in her own home, though now she had no one, not a nurse nor doctor not even a visitor. But still, she should be grateful. She would be grateful. After all, she was alive and Tony was not.

That was a hurt which she knew would never be removed from her soul. Her bones and flesh may have been brutally broken and bruised, and in time they may eventually be completely healed. Although with such injuries they likely would always pain her somewhat. The loss of her beloved brother, however, she would never get over.

“Oh, Tony, how I miss you,” she muttered sadly, a tear slipping slowly down her cheek to sink into her pillow. How she wished she’d never asked for a ride in his new car that night. If they had just stayed home maybe....