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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mama’s little genius

Ring his neck is what she should do!

Peter had said “Let’s have kids, they’ll be fun, we can take them to Disney World” and Cathy had been stupid enough to believe him. But in all honesty, she had wanted kids, too. She just had no clue it would be so difficult.

Frankie was more than a handful, yet she couldn’t help wondering if things would be different if Peter hadn’t been stuck on an aircraft carrier in the middle of who-knows-which ocean half-way around the world. He had only been gone a few months but it seemed like years.

Peter didn’t seem to be taking Cathy’s concerns very seriously. Her anguished letters to him were becoming an endless source of hilarity for him and his shipmates. Her last few letters had kept them in stitches for so long that their commander wanted to know what all the commotion was about. After reading the letter to him, Peter was henceforth under strict orders to inform the commander of the arrival of the next installment of the many adventures of ‘Peter’s little man’.

At least Cathy felt she was doing her part at keeping up war-time moral. She also knew now not to include any mushy stuff as she didn’t need that humiliation on top of having a ship load of people know she was an inadequate mother.