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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It was becoming painfully obvious to Nicole that she had been going to the wrong places all these years when she was looking for her Prince Charming. She had been sitting at her table for barely thirty minutes and she had already amassed six offers from decent-looking guys, three for drinks, two for dancing and one for something she would just as well not think about, thank you ever so much. Unfortunately for her she was in a relationship at present with Ralph.
Ralph was a seriously lackluster guy who made it quite clear to Nicole that it was not going to be exclusive, that he was going to do as he pleased and that she just better keep her trap shut about anything she didn’t like because he didn’t want to hear it. Yes, Nicole realized dejectedly, Ralph was a selfish, crass, inconsiderate and obnoxious boyfriend, but a boyfriend none the less and she didn’t really think she could do better. Of course, she was starting to rethink her position as she saw another guy approaching her.
“Oh, here comes lucky number seven now.” she mumbled to herself.
“Hello. I don’t remember seeing more

Friday, May 21, 2010

Teenage Angst

"Oh, dear Lord, please just let me make it through the day" was the first thought that registered in Becky's head as she awoke two minutes before the alarm was set to go off on her first terrifying day of high school. She was a nervous wreck having not slept much. She tossed and turned half the night worrying about everything from would her hair look all right to will she be able to find her classes on time.

At least Jillian had helped her pick out a decent outfit which Becky was completely clueless about. What would she do without her very best friend and constant link to reality? Perhaps her only link to reality, really, if you knew her mother. Becky's mother was a high-powered editor for some fancy design magazine and to hear her talk you'd think that was all there was in life. She was already shoving Princeton and Harvard brochures under Becky's nose to "get her ready for the real world" which, of course, meant following in her very spiky shoe footsteps. As if Becky wanted to be a neurotic, narcissistic, anorexic Prima Donna. Not that Becky had any better ideas but her mother's life was so not for her.

Grateful that her mother had already gone to work, she dressed and headed for the kitchen. Becky was barely allowed in there. Her mother was constantly shooing her away for fear she might eat more than a run-way model. She was thrilled after dinner last night when Becky pushed back her plate with only half the tofu concoction eaten. Little did she more

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It just could not be helped. It was handed to him as if on a silver platter and he could not easily pass up such an opportunity. Of course, it did land him in detention but then, Randy knew it would before he even did it. He was forever in detention, so much so that the friendly secretary at the main office added "Detention" as an extra subject at the bottom of his schedule before handing it to him with a sly wink on the first day of school.

Everyone simply loved Randy. That is, until they were unfortunate enough to get him in their class. Randy, a tall, handsome boy with a perpetual twinkle in the eyes and mischievous grin, had the uncanny knack of showing a teacher how very UN-smart they could be. PH D's were irrelevant when they made the mistake of thinking they could match wits with this boy only to fail miserably much to the amusement of the other students. The teachers' only recourse was detention for such things as 'sassing the teacher','causing classroom disturbance' or the classic standby 'he ticked me off!' .

Much to the dismay of his teachers, detention had no effect on Randy. He was an excellent .... more